Honest and hard working

Lyn and I have known Debbie for over 10 years now and during that time she has sold two properties on our behalf. Debbie is an outstanding representative who is more than prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome for her clients and we highly recommend her to anyone who is considering buying or selling property. Debbie is an honest and hard-working person who we are privileged to know as a friend in business and would like to wish her every success in her new venture.

- Lyn and Keith Bird
26 Jun 2018

Empathetic and Caring

I met Debbie Ravida about 5 years ago when she came to give me a quote on what I could expect if I sold my home. I was not ready to sell but had bought an investment property which was intended to be where I retired to, and I was aiming to find out if I could sell my home to pay off the second property.
Debbie called it as it was (at the time) she told me:
• what I could expect to sell it for (far less than anyone else had quoted)
• what I would have to do to spruce it up (everyone else told me it was wonderful and ready to sell as it was).
• That it would be an exclusive sale with the company she worked for, for a period of time (not what I wanted to hear)
The result was I was petrified of her and decided not to sell.

About 3 years later, when I was finally ready to sell I went to all the other real estate agents one at a time. They were charming and cooperative but unable to find that elusive buyer. Some of the people who came around to see it were looking for something totally different and they wasted their time and mine. The agents kept telling me I had to knock my price down far below what other local property’s were selling for. I did for a while and then decided to halt.

After 2 years of stuffing around a friend persuaded me to contact Debbie and she told me how effective she was. With much in trepidation I made that phone call. Debbie came around to give me an assessment. We agreed to take it off the market for a period of time, which was a relief to me after the pressure of constantly living in a home that was on sale.

Debbie still called it as it was, once again, but I found her very empathetic, understanding, cooperative and reassuring. She told me the price I had on it was right for the time, we discussed my bottom line in price and she honoured that. She recommended that I do a few things to the house to get it ready for the photo shoots and then came around and did it herself!

I took the house off the market and went overseas for a couple of weeks. When I came back Debbie was ready to roll. She started the advertising and had given some suitable buyers the heads up that the house was about to come on the market.

Within 3 weeks Debbie had the house sold for me! I wanted a long settlement so that I could renovate my investment property prior to moving in. Debbie organised this with the buyer. The new owners and I met and I was able to feel happy handing over my much loved home to them.

Debbie could not have been more helpful, supportive, understanding and professional. I think she is a great Real Estate Agent and recommend her to anyone wanting a smooth and supportive transition from one property (especially from a much love home) to another.

- Suzanne Don Leonard
15 May 2018

If you need to buy or sell property... engage Debbie.

Buying or selling real estate? I wouldn’t hesitate in calling Debbie Ravida. All we ever need when transacting property is good communications and results.

When Debbie says, “leave it to me…” that’s what she means. Debbie knows what to do. No fuss, no drama. If you need to buy or sell property... engage Debbie.

- Craig Dunlop
13 Mar 2018